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Thursday, April 24, 2014

So today I went to the desert and as I was about to Level Up life I had killed a skeleton and I clicked around for some gold that I could have missed. I clicked down near my boots and they slipped off. And I was low so I had to run and I knew there was no way I could pick them back up. This had happened before and the only way to get out of it was to camp and go back and get the dropped items. I quickly went to Woodon's and saved. I went back and the tele I had dropped was there but no boots. I rushed to town looking for anyone who could help me and Higuys was there to help me out. A few minutes into looking Higuys had to go so she saved in Gurun's cave. So I sent Simple a frantic email and headed back, when I see two orange named characters walking towards me. Jabok and Ipiestuf. They dropped my gear after killing the skeleton with my boots. I came out of it with a little bit of a scare but looking back everything turned out fine. I leveled up in life and I got my gear back. Thanks again to Higuys, Ipiestuf and Jabok for helping me out!

*By the way to anyone who might not understand how my boots came off, its a glitch .What happens is when you left click something it drops and you can't pick it up.

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