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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Once it came down to the three of us, it wasn't so easy.

I went to Skaldor with five or six guys but once one or two of them left it wasn't such a breeze. I was stacked up with potions and scrolls and I'm sure the other three were too. I had to go about three minutes before Skaldor spawned so I was kind of in a hurry.Then Skaldor spawns. We get Skaldor to at least half and he fears us. I drink my first beer, then my second, the fear wouldn't come off. Then out of the blue a skeleton and a skeleton wolf spawn. So I'm walking around getting smacked up by these two while the other three are facing Skaldor. Then he gets kind of low and the fear wears off. So we kill the Skeleton wolf and the skeleton. As we are about to kill Skaldor he fears us again! Now with no beer and no way to get out besides a levi I try to conserve the levi and I run so that I wouldn't   get hit by Skaldor. Then AGAIN a skeleton wolf spawns with a skeleton. I use my levi and by this point Struckdown and Jabok have had enough running and the use their levis as well. As the other two get down from there levitation they kill the two skeletons and then Skaldor, and we all live to tell the tale. Scariest Skaldor experience yet... By far.

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